Intimacy with Christ: Part 4

Sometimes we ask God to give us a verse that we can read, hoping that it would speak directly to us. But when we read it, it makes no sense. This doesn’t mean that God isn’t speaking to you. Just leave it and if it really was what God meant for you to read, He’ll come through with it. It will make sense later. Settle down and quiet your heart. Let go of the pressure that you have to hear Him right now or that things aren’t right between you and God. Things are fine. You are His. Rest your heart and your relationship there and ask “God, what would You want me to read today?” 

So what happens when we don’t hear God? Well, chances are, we are too distracted or He doesn’t want to speak to you about a certain situation at the moment because He wants you to focus on something else. Another thing is that the devil is blocking you from hearing God. When you feel like the devil is distracting you, just ask God to take those things away so you can hear Him. 

Remember this: We can ALL hear God. Just because you can’t hear Him at one point doesn’t mean that you’re failing in your relationship with Christ. When you commit your life to God and accept Christ as your savior, Jesus establishes this relationship. Nothing can take that relationship away from you. What we can do is develop that relationship with God. And part of that is developing and learning how to hear His voice. Prayer is 2-way conversation. Don’t base your relationship with God on your ability to hear from Him in the moment. 

Intimacy with Christ takes time. 

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