Intimacy with Christ: Part 3

Sometimes we’re so caught up in doing, doing, doing. Always having something to do that we forget to rest. We always feel like we have to be doing something in order to feel accomplished. As human beings we don’t like being still. However, even Jesus commands us to rest. Another thing is that we always tell ourselves that we need to do this and do that, but we don’t ask God if we actually need to do it. This is not something a lot of us are familiar with. We usually just ask Him when we make big decisions. However, when we start asking Him about the small things in life, we engage in conversation with Him. We practice hearing His voice. When we can’t hear Him in the small things in life, then we won’t know what His voice sounds like when we face the bigger things. 

Back to resting. We need to stop our busy lives and just be filled and replenished with God’s strength. Rest is a weapon against the devil. When we’re tired, we sometimes give in to the lies that Satan tells us because we’re too tired to think straight. God commands us to rest so that we will be awake and ready to discern. Also, in our stillness, that is when God speaks to us. It’s when we are still we can really hear His voice. 

Try this: be still in a place of solitude. No distractions. And just talk to God. Ask Him about the small things, not just the big ones. An example would be: “Lord, should I go hang out with this person tomorrow?” or “God, should I go to this concert?” or even “God, should I paint the fence today?” Maybe He’ll say No because He wants you to just rest and stop doing. He might say “No, don’t paint the fence, you’ve done too much today. Just rest.”

One last thing. When you listen to God for an answer, you have to fully surrender. If you only want to hear the answer you want, then you’re not going to hear God. You have to be ready to hear an answer that might not be what you want. You might want to hear a Yes, but He says No. 

Rest. Be still. Surrender. Listen. Obey.